Grace Brothers Brewing

  • Stories and Legends

    1950’s and 1960’s Stories and Legends Most of these concern the third generation of Grace Boys (Jim, John, Mike and cousin Bill) in Sonoma County. They include stories about and of the various ranches and the brewery. Many other colorful stories could have been added but I kept this focused on the workplace-more-or-less The Rice […]

  • Santa Rosa JC Hockey team and Grace Bros. Brewery

    Yes, there was a real hockey team in Santa Rosa. Back in 1939, Joseph T Grace (my great uncle and one of the original Grace Bros) and a strong supporter of local athletics as well as a wise businessman built an ice arena. In conjunction with the UC Berkeley ice hockey coach, JT concocted a […]

  • Grace Brothers Whistle

    To a couple generations of Santa Rosans the Grace Brothers whistle was as much a part of their growing up as was picking prunes. Santa Rosa,  being a much smaller town of less than 30,000  in the middle and late 1950’s, left lots of room for kids  to roam on their bikes. But for parents […]